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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote?

Voting is open to anyone across Canada with a valid email address. Even if you are out of the country at the moment you are allowed to vote.

Can I vote more than once?

Only one vote is allowed per email address. Please note that there are procedures in place to guard against multiple voting.

My wife/husband/child/friend and I share one email address. How can they vote?

Only one vote is allowed per email address. If your wife/husband/child/friend wishes to vote they would need to acquire their own email address.

My wife/husband/child/friend and I share one computer. How can they vote?

As long as they have their own email address, it does not matter which computer they register/cast their vote from.

Why do you require all the information on the registration page?

The information is required to ensure the integrity of the Maple Blues Awards process, and will not be used for any other purpose. The balloting system records your IP address and other information as a security procedure to protect against multiple voting. Please note if multiple registrations from one source are detected, all ballots from that source will be discarded.

What's the "Verification Code"?

The Verification Code is a word in a picture on the registration page. This word must be entered in the Verification Code input box in order to complete your registration.

There are no spaces in any of the verification words and all words are lower case. If you cannot see an image, try closing your browser completely, then reopen it and return to

Here is a sample:

Why does Maple Blues Awards use this form of verification?

To try to stop automated scripts from registering and then voting, the Maple Blues Awards website uses a type of challenge-response test called CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart). This process displays a picture on the webpage with a word in the picture. While computer programs have a very hard time recognizing words presented in this way most humans do not.

I have a visual disability and cannot see the Verification Code picture. How can I register?

Please send all the information requested on the registration page to and a volunteer will assist you. You must still have a valid email address as the volunteer will only complete the registration for you. Instructions and your password will still be sent to your email address for you to complete the voting yourself.

I completed the registration and have not yet received my instructions and password.

The instructions and password are sent in an email to the address you used to register. This normally should take a small amount of time, but sometimes email may get delayed. Also, some spam programs may intercept our email and treat it as spam. Please check your spam folder.

If you still haven't received your instructions after 24 hours, you may request another copy be sent to you. Please go to this page and follow the instructions.

It looks like my spam filter is blocking the instructions email. What can I do?

Most spam filters will allow you to set up a "white List" of email addresses. These email addresses are automatically treated as friendly and bypass any spam filtering. If you are having trouble receiving email and you suspect that your spam filter is blocking it, please add the email address "" to your white list. This is the email address that the instructions email will come from.

I have a spam filter that requires the sender to authorize their email. Can the Maple Blues Awards authorize the instruction email they sent?

No. The instructions emails are sent from an unmoderated account. Please see the question/answer above for more information about whitelisting the sending email address.

What if I don't want to vote for any of the Nominees in a specific category?

You can write in a vote in any category that you like. Select the button next to the input box marked "Other" and then write in your Nominee in the space provided.

What if I don't want to write in a vote or vote for any of the nominees in a specific category?

You may select "Abstain" if you do not wish to cast a vote in a specific category.